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Probate is the legal process used to distribute a deceased person’s estate to such person’s heirs and designated beneficiaries, and to pay off any debt owed to the deceased person’s creditors at the time of their death.  Typically to determine how the estate assets are distributed you will look to either what is stated in the decedent’s Last Will and Testament, if the decedent had one, or according to Florida Law (intestate law) if there is no will.  This is an intricate court process.  If you are in need of guidance regarding the pronate of a loved one’s estate, we can help you with that process.  While in Law School, Attorney Matt Pineda served as a law clerk for a Martindale-Hubbell AV Rated Probate Law Firm and this started his love of this practice area.

Pineda Law, PLLC would be honored to help you with the following Probate Law Issues:

  • Marshalling Assets and determining what is a Probate vs. Non-Probate Asset
  • Digital Assets in Probate
  • Summary Administration
  • Formal Administration
  • Notice of Trust
  • Payment of Estate Creditors
  • Personal Representative Guidance
  • Ancillary Administration
  • Required Notices and Publications
  • Distributions and Accountings
  • Disclaimers
  • Waivers

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