WHAT WE AREA business approach
to legal service

The protection of intangible innovation, ideas and knowledge has an increasingly important role in cross-border trade. Our policy and law is instrumental in this highly competitive and extremely sensitive industry.


DISPUTE RESOLUTIONIndependent recognition

Lawyers associated with Law firm operate seamlessly across all of these jurisdictions, in order to provide the best legal advice under competitive terms with original values.


ARBITRAL AWARDSDefining success together

We are perfectly placed to take you through a complete range of services.

By cooperating with over 100 lawyers across the region, our original values remain an integral part of our philosophy and approach to client work.


CHAMBERS MEMBERSSpecialised expertise

Our team is proud of their extensive experience in dealing with the ICSID and UNCITRAL arbitration.

We regularly deal with bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings and related litigation, recognition of foreign judgements and arbitral.